Demo Videos

This section shows a list of applications created using the DynamicRecycler extension
Please note that this extension is NOT pre-built, these are just a few projects... It's up to the developer to create their amazing designs
This project focuses mainly on creating image sliders and carousels.


This project demonstrates the power of the extension to manage different types of views as required by a chat.

Parallax Scrolling Toolbar

Performing parallax effect with toolbars is very simple to implement, there is a module extension that takes care of most of the work.

Move, Drag and Swipe actions (and Animations)

Implementing touch actions is pretty straightforward. Although it seems like a difficult job to achieve, there is a module that helps to implement this feature quickly.
Also notice different input animations depending on the direction of the items and of course, there is also a module to achieve this.


Implementing chip groups is now quite easy.

Pagination - Infinite Loading (and Animations)

Implementing pagination mechanisms is quite simple. And... animations again

More ViewTypes