Data List

The component has to be bound to a list of data in order to render it.
The first binding of the component to a list of data is done through the Build block, the list remains bound to the component.
The component is not aware of changes being made to the list. That is, you can build a component with a list of 5 items, the component will render them, if later one more item is added to that list, the component will not render that new item. To get the component to render the items that are added, notification blocks are used.
In general, the NotifyDataSetChanged block is going to tell the component that the list no longer has the same items and that it needs to completely re-render it.
If using DiffUtil, please also read DiffUtils
For smaller changes, such as inserting or deleting or changing an item, the respective blocks are used (NotifyItemInserted, NotifyItemRemoved, NotifyItemChanged), which only render those small changes.
The advantage of notification blocks is that they allows to work with a single list in which modifications are made, on the other hand, if you want to change completely to another list, you should use the UpdateData block.
After binding the component to another list, you can continue to use the same notification blocks as if the component had been built with that list.